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The NHL is Britain's national harmonica association, with members world wide, supporting, helping and encouraging the playing of all types of music on the chromatic, diatonic, tremolo, octave and chord harmonicas. Paul Jones is our President.



  • UK Harmonica Gig List - click here - find a gig near you!
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  • H2017 NHL International Harmonica Festival, H2017, was held over the weekend 27-29 Oct, 2017 at the Folk House in Bristol. You can see videos by all the artists on this YouTube PlayList. The main International Festival artists were:
    • Adam Gussow (USA)
    • Cristian Inostroza (Chile)
    • Shima Kobayashi (UK)
    • Tom Byrne (Eire)
    • Mathias Heise (Denmark)
    • Rohan Singhal (India)
  • H2018 is on Oct 26-28, 2018. Put the date in your diary now.
  • World harmonica festivals planned for 2018 - check out the diary page for dates and details.
  • 2018 UK Events and Workshops
    • 3 February 2018 - Harpin’ by the Sea, The Brunswick, Brighton, UK - Rory McLeod, Brothers of Mothershovel, Victor Puertas, and workshops from Lee Sankey, Paul Gillings and Richard Taylor and John Cook
    • 11 February 2018 - Will Pound in the Shakespear pub, Sheffield. Workshops, Jam and evening concert, Phone Simon - 07779 259975,
    • 19 May 2018 - Blues in Bucks, High Wycombe, Contact Azza:
    • 23/24th June 2018 - Chromatic Weekend, Hillscourt, Rednal, Birmingham, UK
    • 26-28 October 2018 - NHL H2018 International Festival, Folk House, Bristol, UK -


The NHL is a Registered Charity (England & Wales) (1131484). It aims to improve playing standards and lift awareness of the harmonica.

To enquire about harmonica teachers near you or ways to get some help, email, stating location, experience and style of harmonica/music.

NHL events include concerts, playing opportunities and workshops, covering all aspects of the harmonica.

Our magazine, Harmonica World, contains articles on all types of harmonicas covering tuition, recordings, artists and history.

To find out more and how to join the NHL, click here.

Harmonica World

Dec Jan 2018

6 magazines per year.
Feb, April, June, Aug, Oct, Dec.

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The Dec/Jan, 2018, issue of Harmonica World was mailed out to NHL members on 6th Dec 2017.


  • Bristol Festival, Images, AGM, Contest and Concert
  • George Current - Lochanside
  • Bryce Johnstone 1931-2017
  • John Cook - Tools, Tools ..., and Repair Classes
  • Harpin’ by the sea - NHL dates
  • Brendan Power - SAD and Weird Reeds
  • JM Norton - Ronnie Shellist
  • Hohner WHF Festival 2017
  • Editor - An Indian Surprise
  • Reviews - Weeping Widows, Konstantin Kolesnichenko, Likho Duo, Steve Tracy & The Crawling Kingsnakes.
  • Tony Eyers - The Brendan Power Octaharp
  • The Magazine Music Page.

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