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  • The current issue of Harmonica World magazine is the Oct/Nov 2015 issue - see Contents below. It was mailed out on 31 Aug 2015.

  • The H2015 International Festival took place on Oct 23-25, 2015, in the Folk House, Bristol. It was a huge success with a sellout concert. It is the top annual harmonica festival in Europe. This year it attracted an international group of artists playing all styles of harmonica music. Pete Madcat Ruth, Hermine Deuraloo, Mat Walklate, Roy Hugman, Hisako Yamaguchi, and John and Yuki Vaughan. You can read more details of the event, tickets, artists, location, contests, concerts, workshops, travel and accommodation on the festival web site.

  • Harry Pitch died on 15 July, 2015, aged 90. He had been ill for a few months. He supported the National Harmonica League and appeared at many of our festivals. Harry has been a great promoter of the chromatic harmonica for over sixty years through his recordings, concerts and performances on radio and TV. His recording with Frank Ifield of "I remember you" and the best selling crossover instrumental, "Groovin' with Mr Bloe" brought him fame but his real love was jazz. Here is a link to a website about Harry and his life.

  • Blue Saturday in Bucks was held on Saturday 11 July 2015 at the Arts4every centre, Old St John’s Church Buildings,Desborough Rd, in the centre of High Wycombe, HP11 2PU. It was a full day of blues harmonica fun with workshops for diatonic harmonica players of all levels, plus demonstrations, a raffle for a customised harmonica, a jam session and evening concert with performances from top harp players Will Wilde, Giles Hedley and Richard Taylor.

    You can find full event details on Azza’s web site.
    There is a Facebook page
    Contact Azza for further information - email:

  • The very popular Chromatic Weekend was held over the weekend 27/28 June 2015 at the same excellent venue as last year - Hillscourt, Rednal, Birmingham, UK. It was very well attended and a great time was had by all the attendees, tutors and musicians. The next one will take place in the same venue on June 25-26, 2016.

  • You can hear and see many links from articles in Harmonica World on our music page.

  • We have added an advertising flyer for you to to print out and hand out at your event to encourage new members to join the NHL. Or you can download this full A4 flyer with an application form on the reverse.
  • Videos from the International Concert on Saturday are already being posted on our YouTube Channel as the editing progresses.

    The featured artists were Antonio Serrano ( with his new "Tributes" CD), Bart Leczycki (Seydel), Konstantin Reinfeld (Hohner), Noel Battle, Liam Ward, Rob Janssen and Ronald Kamminga from Fata Morgana with a surprise appearance from Harry Pitch. There were be the usual Concerts, Workshops, Contests, Open Mics, Shops etc. More details are on the H2014 festival page.

    Here are links to:
    The H2014 Provisional Workshop Schedule and H2014 Provisional Festival Program
    A festival poster.
    Some images/information on the artists from the October issue of Harmonica World.
    A short video about the H2013 Festival.

    You can view a longer taster for the Bristol International Harmonica Festival on our YouTube Channel, along with over 100 performances from the last 13 years of our festival.

  • Congratulation to Davina Brazier and Tony Stokes, the organisers of the Chromatic Weekend and Blue Saturday events, which were held in June. The feedback from the attendees is very positive.

  • Larry Adler Centenial - Monday 10 February 2014. The first and most successful chromatic harmonica superstar. There will never be another one.

    A book about Larry Adler, Reflections. was published in June. You can read an extract here

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  • You can join us on Twitter on @HarmonicaUK

  • Ben Hewlett was elected Chairman of the National Harmonica League at the NHL AGM in October 2012. The former Chairman, Roger Trobridge, will continue as editor of Harmonica World.

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  • The NHL is a Registered Charity (England & Wales) No 1131484.

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National Harmonica League "The NHL is Britain's national harmonica club, with members world wide, supporting and encouraging the playing of all types of music on the chromatic, diatonic, tremolo, octave and chord harmonicas. Paul Jones is our President.

It organises events, tuition, and contests for enthusiasts, beginners, teachers, and experienced harmonica players alike, and publishes a print magazine Harmonica World. Click to see the contents of recent issues.

To enquire about harmonica teachers near you, email, stating location, experience and style of harmonica/music to be learned.

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Latest issue of the NHL magazine, Harmonica World

Main Contents - Click here for more information on this and past issues.
    The Oct/Nov 2015 issue:
  • Bristol International Harmonica Festival Artists - 23-25 Oct 2015
  • Bristol International Harmonica Festival Information
  • George Current - A Wee Drop of Scotch
  • Liam Ward - Scales for 12th Position Blues
  • Brendan Power - New Chromatic Action
  • David Barrett - Introduction to Blues Chromatic - Part 13
  • Barbara Tate - NHL Merchandise
  • Tony Eyers - The Online harmonica World
  • Roger Trobridge - Harry Pitch Obituary
  • Rick Epping - Tombo Mu-01 Chromatic
  • Reviews - Hermine Deurloo Recordings
  • Link to the magazine music page
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