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The NHL is Britain's national harmonica association, with members world wide, supporting, helping and encouraging the playing of all types of music on the chromatic, diatonic, tremolo, octave, bass, chord and orchestral harmonicas. Paul Jones is our President.


News/Useful Links

  • NHL H2018 International Harmonica Festival 26-28 October 2018 - Folk House, Bristol, UK.
    Performers booked so far include Eddie Martin (UK), Rob Paparozzi (USA), Susan Sauter (Germany), Ed Hopwood (UK), Mirek Salmon (UK) and Martin Brinsford (UK).
    With the International Saturday Evening Concert, around 30 workshops for all styles of harmonica, shops, harmonica maintenance, jams and free play sessions, this will be another unmissable weekend. Full details here
  • UK Harmonica Gig List - click here - find a gig near you!
  • UK Harmonica Jams, Meet-ups - click here - find one near you!
  • Teachers and Tuiton? - click here .
  • Over 200 videos by top players from our festivals
  • To join the NHL - click here
  • 2018 UK Events and Workshops
    • This has been a great year so far with successful events in Brighton, Sheffield, Broadstairs and High Wycombe.
    • Here are details of the last Chromatic Weekend, 23-24 June 2018 - Hillscourt, Rednal, Birmingham, UK
  • World harmonica festivals planned for 2018 - check out the diary page for dates and details.
  • Ronald Chesney, one of the finest chromatic players in the UK, died on April 12, 2018, at the age of 98. In 1947 he was the first to play a solo concert in the Albert Hall in London, but was probably best known for recording of Flight of the Bumble Bee and his regular appearances in the long running BBC radio comedy show, Educating Archie. Click to read more.
  • The NHL International Harmonica Festival, H2017, was held over the weekend 27-29 Oct, 2017 at the Folk House in Bristol. You can see videos by all the artists on this YouTube PlayList. The main International Festival artists were: Adam Gussow (USA), Cristian Inostroza (Chile), Shima Kobayashi (UK), Tom Byrne (Eire), Mathias Heise (Denmark), Rohan Singhal (India)


The NHL is a Registered Charity (England & Wales) (1131484). It aims to improve playing standards and lift awareness of the harmonica.

To enquire about harmonica teachers near you or ways to get some help, email, stating location, experience and style of harmonica/music.

NHL events include concerts, playing opportunities and workshops, covering all aspects of the harmonica.

Our magazine, Harmonica World, contains articles on all types of harmonicas covering tuition, recordings, artists and history.

To find out more and how to join the NHL, click here.

Harmonica World

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Please note the error on page 3, column 2. We have forgotten to increment the year. It should, of course, read '[1] Minutes of the 2017 AGM' and '[5] Members proposed resolutions - if any - to be sent to the Secretary by 12th October 2018'.


Oct - Nov 2018

6 magazines per year.
Feb, April, June, Aug, Oct, Dec.

Link to older magazines

Link to music files mentioned in magazine articles.

The Oct/Nov 2018, issue of Harmonica World was mailed out to NHL members on 1 Oct 2018.


  • H2018 Bristol Festival - Artists and Workshops
  • George Current - The Flowers of the Forest
  • Brendan Power - What Future for the APHF?
  • John Cook - Raiders of the Lost Harp - Part 23 of 3
  • Roger Trobridge - Interview with Will Wilde and CD Review
  • Justin M Norton - Think Outside The Harp: Paul Messinger
  • Richard Sleigh - The Major Scale for diatonic harmonicas
  • Zoltan Zavody - Aches, Pains, and Blues - From the Hands
  • Tony Eyers - SPAH 2018
  • Reviews - Pat Missin, Lee Oskar Low Keys, Brendan Power - Overblow Booster, Booster Bar and SlipSlider, Joe Filisko CD.
  • The Magazine Music Page.

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