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This is a popular none-too-serious fun contest, which we have run for a few years. It is not restricted to members of the NHL at the moment, and this year we are publicising it more widely, using the Internet as well as our magazine. The closing date for entries is 30th September. Results will be reported in the December edition of Harmonica World, and on the web site. Any non-UK winners will receive a non-returnable shield - we don't trust our trophies to the mail !

1) Young Harmonica Player of the Year - aged under 21 on the entry date (31st August).

2) Prime Timers Contest - for people who cannot qualify as "Young" or "Old" (see below). Compete for the Ken Howell Trophy.

3) Old Timers Contest - aged 50 or over on the entry date. OK so 50 isnít old, but its 50 for historical reasons. Compete for the Doug Jackson Trophy.

N.B. In all the above : - Competitors may submit up to two pieces as an entry on a cassette or audio CD. Extra pieces will be ignored. No piece may be longer than 8 minutes; short pieces are preferred. Note Judges can usually tell how good you are from just the first three notes you play. They won't thank you if you bore them! And you get no marks for quantity. It is easier to keep a short piece interesting. But, it may help to choose a piece with scope for you to show some variety in your playing.

4) Jimmy English Cup - for the best original harmonica composition submitted. Your piece may include other instruments to support the harmonica. - if you want to use 4 track facilities, there are club members who may be able to help. Ask me for a contact.

Each piece will be judged separately by members to decide the winner etc. in each category. Marks will not be averaged, or totalled to decide a winner.

The entry fee for each contest is only £2 (UK Pounds)to cover costs ($5 - US Dollars). If no fee is received, your entry will not be judged. Send entries and fees to me,
Colin Mort
High Street,
Shirrell Heath,
Southampton SO32 2JN

Include SAE if you want your tape/CD returned. Please ensure the postage is sufficient, especially if you are entering all the contests. We trust you to be truthful about your age and amateur status, but if you must, please don't lie more than once or you might get caught out!

As for all NHL contests, entrants should be amateurs - i.e. their main income does not come from music. Note, a professional who enters risks being beaten by an amateur! Embarrassing! N.B. We use the occidental system for calculating dates. In this system you are 1 year old one year after the date of your birth. In some oriental systems, you are counted as 1 on the day you were born. While I agree you are in your first year, that is not how we count it.

Submit standard cassettes - not DAT or reel-to-reel! And tell us if itís a chrome tape, or if you used Dolby B or C noise reduction. CDs must play on normal CD Players. Include a fee per section entered of £2 (UK Pounds) or $5 (US Dollars). Send to Colin Mort, "Rivendell", High Street, Shirrell Heath, Southampton, SO32 2JN, U.K.

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