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Spring Festival
Kings Heath, Birmingham - Saturday - April 26th

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A Day and Evening of Enjoyment and Learning

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Activities all day

This is an outline based on last year's Spring Festival at Knowle, Birmingham.
  • Attend workshops on all aspects of playing.
  • Blues jam - some members are bringing acoustic guitars so there will also be an acoustic jam.
  • Chromatic Open Mike - please bring along your chords and bass instruments so we can see how we can help you play together with other members.
  • Meet fellow enthusiasts
  • Get to ask questions
  • Enjoy an evening concert

The festival is returning to a venue many people will remember, Kings Heath Cricket and Sports Club, Birmingham. This year's event will build on last year's very successful event, with over 80 people attending, so start planning to be there. Tony Stokes and Ricky Cool are running it with support from Jim Hughes. The Cricket Club concert room is a great location, and it is more convenient for people coming from the north.

The day will be filled with workshops and performances featuring blues and folk players, including Ricky Cool, Mat Walklate, Laurie Garman, and Giles Hedley; Dave Shannon will talk about amplification. Jim Hughes will be there with his harmonica orchestra and soloists like young Philip Achille.

The evening concert will give everyone a chance to play. There will be support from Jim's pianist, and Ricky's band. Norman Ives will be selling harmonicas, books and music.

Giles Hedley is making his first appearance at one of our events although he has been performing for 30 years. He is a blues guitarist with a great Howling Wolf singing voice and the harmonica tricks of Sonny Boy Williamson. He is also appearing at the Crawley Blues Club on Sunday 25th May, The Horns on Watford on 5th June, and the Wallingford Blues Festival on 14th June.

Don't miss this chance to meet with Giles and the other players who are giving their time to make this a great day for everyone. It is also an opportunity to talk to other members, and swap stories and learn techniques and music from each other. If you have never been to one of our festivals, this is a great one to start with.

The Kings Heath Cricket and Sports Club is most easily reached from the M42 up the A435. The entrance charge is 10 for NHL members and 12.50 for Non-Members. Click here for a map. The doors will open about 9.30am. These events are run by volunteers, so please help out where ever you can. Don't wait to be asked.

Food will be available. If you have any questions or want prebook your tickets, contact Tony Stokes on 0121 682 6704, or email to

Kings Heath Cricket & Sports Club
Charlton House
247 Alcester Road South,
Kings Heath,
Birmingham B14 6DT
Telephone 0121 444 1913

Come along and enjoy yourself and support the work being done by the committee on your behalf. If this type of meeting is successful it could become a regular event.

Organiser - Tony Stokes, phone : 0121 682 6704

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