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MiniFest- The Woolpack
Thrapston, Northants, UK - April 28th 2001

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A Day and Evening of Festivities

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Activities all day

  • Attend workshops.
  • Blues jam - some members are bringing acoustic guitars so there will also be an acoustic jam.
  • Chromatic Open Mike - please bring along your chords and bass instruments so we can see how we can help you play together with other members.
  • Meet fellow enthusiasts
  • Get to ask questions

Saturday Evening Harmonica Entertainment

  • Johnny Mars and supporting band, Double or Quits.
  • Steve Jennings
  • Pete Welland and Laurence Garman
  • Mat walklate
  • Ben Hewlett
  • "Four in Accord", plus
  • performances by the best of the NHL members present

It will all take place at "The Woolpack", Thrapston on April 28th, 2001, with the doors opening at 10:00am and activities starting 10:30am.

Thrapston was chosen because it is central, and it has good road links in all directions. It is located on the A15 between the M1 and the A1, near to Northampton and Corby. Click here for maps and directions.

The event is being planned by the Northants local area group (LAG). Sean Kettle is the secretary and David Michelsen is organising the programme.

The primary aim of the event is to provide a comfortable venue where you can meet to share and further your experience of the harmonica amongst like-minded people. As well as the social scene, you will be able to participate in various harmonica workshops and enjoy an evening of harmonica entertainment. You are welcome to come, whether or not you are a member of the NHL.

If you interested in forming or joining a harmonica group, or if you would like to have a NHL Regional Group in your locale, this is the opportunity to do it. There will be a meeting of the Local Area Contacts.

The event will be headlined by Johnny Mars, who will be joined by other top line players like Mat walklate from Manchester, and Laurence Garman and Pete Welland from London. The Four in Accord will also be playing. Ben Hewlett, Steve Jennings, and David Michelson will be giving workshops. Laurence and Pete will be helping with the acoustic and electric blues jams. There will also be open mike sessions and an opportunity to play any diatonic, chromatic, chord or bass instruments which are brought along. We want to know how we can support this activity better. The evening concert will feature the best of the talent at the festival, and will finish with Johnny Mars accompanied by Double or Quits.

The admission fee for members and a guest is 7.50 (each) for the whole day's events. Non members will pay 10. Anyone joining on the day will pay the member´s rate. Because there is more room for the daily activities than the evening concert, members will be given priority for the approximately 100 places for the concert.

It will also be possible to pay admission on the door, but you may book in advance if you prefer, ensuring you get a concert seat. Cheques should be made payable to the "National Harmonica League" and sent to:

Steve Jennings
19 Berry Close

Click to see a copy of the poster we have prepared for the festival. You can print it and use it if you wish, or you can download the file and print out the poster yourself.

Come along and enjoy yourself and support the work being done by the committee on your behalf. If this type of meeting is successful it could become a regular event.

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