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Lincoln, UK - November 18th 2000

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A Day and Evening of Festivities

Learn from Workshops
Enjoy Play Along
Meet fellow enthusiasts
Get to ask questions

Saturday Evening Harmonica Entertainment
With Harmonica Group "Four in Accord", and others

It will take place at "The Lawn", Union Road , in the centre of the historic city of Lincoln on November 18th 2000, starting 10am.

Lincoln has been chosen to make it easier for those members living in more northern climes to meet and participate in a fun Saturday dedicated to the harmonica and its devotees.

The primary aim of the event is to provide a comfortable venue where you can meet to share and further your experience of the harmonica amongst like-minded people. As well as the social scene, you will be able to participate in various harmonica workshops and enjoy an evening of harmonica entertainment. You are welcome to come, whether or not you are a member of the NHL.

If you interested in forming or joining a harmonica group, or if you would like to have a NHL Regional Group in your locale, this is the opportunity to do it.

The Lawn in Lincoln provides an ideal venue. Set in its own beautiful grounds against the backdrop of the magnificent Castle and Cathedral, it provides many pleasant opportunities for experiencing some of the history of Lincoln. The Lawn has excellent bar and restaurant and bar facilities and ample parking space at a reasonable charge. Here is a map.

The admission fee is just 5 for the whole day's events. The Lincoln Minifest promises to provide an excellent day out. The fee is the same whether you come for the whole day or just the evening.

It will also be possible to pay admission on the door, but you may book in advance if you prefer. Cheques should be made payable to the "National Harmonica League" and sent to:

Mr Colin Mort
High Street
Shirrell Heath
SO3 2 JN

If you would like to contribute in any way to the days proceedings, perhaps by running a workshop or making a performance or even selling tickets, please contact David Michelsen on 01832-732455. (David has been engaged at the Glastonbury Festival 19 times.) Or just come on the day, and bring your chord or bass harmonica or guitar as well as your solo harmonica! If your band is not busy, and would like a fun outing it may like to enhance the evening's entertainment. Sadly, no fees can be offered.

Don't miss this first ever opportunity.

ORGANISER - David Michelsen - 01832 732455

Pre-Payments - Colin Mort 01329 832178

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