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Larry Adler's Concert Diary

Larry Adler, the President of the NHL, passed away peacefully, surrounded by his family, in St Thomas Hospital, London, aged 87, on August 6th, 2001. He was born 10 February, 1914.

He was the torch bearer who lit the way for many aspiring chromatic players who were inspired by his style, technique and musicality. More than just the best mouth organ player, he was the consummate professional entertainer and performer to the end. He opened many doors through which others have since passed.

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Here is a Press Release issued on the Centenary of Larry Adler's birth 10/02/2104.

The Fishko Files, a NPR broadcast from New York on 30 January 2014, about the life and contributions of Larry Adler

This page has been be left as it was before Larry went into hospital, where he died, to give a feeling of his desire to keep working up to the end and not to let down his fans everywhere.

First, here are some links to news of his death. Let me know of any others I should add.

Note - Larry had been managed by Jonathan Shalit for many years but in his last years he was represented by Claire Evans.

Larry Adler is represented by Claire Evans. Please bear in mind that this information is preliminary and liable to change. Check with the venues mentioned to get the up to date information about the performance and any other musicians who may be playing. We will try to keep it up to date. The locations are in the UK unless otherwise specified.

Larry continues to perform at the age of 87 inspite of severe problems with gout in his fingers. His stories and jokes are as vivid as ever.

If you want to know more about Larry's life, there are two books written in his own inimitable style. "It ain't necessarily so", his first autobiography written in 1987 is out of print, but I found a copy via the remainders book merchants. The more recent "Me and my big mouth" was written in 1994 and includes the making of the all star Gershwin recording session with George Martin, as well as stories from the rest of his life. It is a paperback and costs around £5. To look and maybe buy the books and CDs Amazon or CD Paradise have in stock, click on

Links to videos by Larry Adler

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His final performances in 2001
  • January - Larry entertained on the P&O cruise ship Aurora which sailed from the UK to Caribbean.
  • February 11th - Larry's 87th Birthday party at "The Pizza on the Park". The concert room was named Larry's Room in his honour. Here is a copy of the bronze displayed in the performance.
  • February 23rd - Two evening performances at the Komedia club in Brighton, UK.
  • March 1st - 2:15pm Channel 5 TV, Gloria Hunnicot, UK.
  • March 29th - Larry recorded a TV show for Carlton TV which will be shown later in the year - May/June?
  • May 3rd - Larry performed on a QE2 cruise from the UK to New York. He was taken ill.
  • May - Another appearance at the Pizza on the Park, London.
  • May 24th - Larry left the hospital "unofficially" to be at the Duke of Edinburgh's 80th birthady show at the Albert Hall.
  • Larry died in St Thomas Hospital, London, aged 87, on August 6th, 2001.
  • September - Another cruise was being planned.

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