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Here is a list of home pages produced by members of the NHL.

  • Roger Trobridge - The Gopher Hole, home of the NHL webmaster and magazine editor. Lots of surfing information, but a harmonica free zone at the moment.
  • Pat Missin - NHL Committee member and expert repair and tuner, plus valuable information about the theory of free reed instruments and the theory of tempered tunings with sound file examples.
  • Art Daane - a Dutch member who runs a harmonica museum.
  • Ben Felten - a member from France with an online magazine
  • Douglas Tate - previous President of SPAH and designer and manufacturer of the Renaissance Chromatic Harmonica.
  • Julian Jackson - classically trained UK jazz and session performer.
  • Neil Warren - plays diatonic & chromatic harp with Beggars Belief in & around Berkshire & jazz & blues with Kinda Blu
  • Paul Gillings and his band "The Feelgood Factor" - came through the youth ranks to be NHL champion. Here is some music and gigs. He now is the graphic designer for "Harmonica World"
  • Peter Wheat - A former NHL committee member and a harmonica teacher.
  • David Hambley - NHL Committee member shares his love of Scottish harmonica music
  • Keith Parker and the Untouchables
  • Dave Shannon - and his bands, Dead Cat Bounce, and Bea and the HoneyTones
  • Terry Carter - and his Rhythm, Boogie and Blues band from Kent.
  • Giles King - NHL member and harp player with Lightnin' Willie and the Poorboys, and Hucklebuck
  • Steve Shaw's comprehensive Irish harmonica page
  • Richard Smith - developer of the Harmonix Harmonica system for harmonica amplification, and harp player for The Fat Marrow Blues Band.
  • Wanderin' Wilf Taylor, and local area contact Richard Taylor .
  • Ben Hewlett - Developer of the successfull, fun, CHUGGING™ course units for the playing of ‘rhythm harmonica’ with beginers and youngsters. Plays with BluFondu. Ben also runs the Blues Jam Factory.
  • The Hexmen Blues Band, from Liverpool, email
  • John Diver - an excellent multi instumentalist and teacher from Bath
  • David Toussaint - London pro musician, community worker and diatonic harmonica teacher. Email
  • Ian Briggs - an NHL champion who has returned to the harmonica after becoming a restauranteur.
  • Laurie Garman - previously played with Jerimiah Marques and the Blue Aces for 2 years, now playing with his band the the City Shakers.
  • Dave Taylor - leader of the Lucky Strike Band. One of our local area contacts from Eastbourne
  • Mark Sibley - leader of the Nightflies band
  • Sam Brown
  • - a jazz drummer from Bristol who took up harmonica after playing with Julian Jackson. Author of "Self Hypnosis for Musicians".
  • Graham Pike
  • - Composer / Musical Director / Producer - TV & Theatre
  • Al Price
  • - harmonica repair and customising.
  • Giles Hedley - great blues guitar & harmonica. Check his site for information on his gigs.
  • Alan Norton - plays with the Badtown Blues band & teachs around Essex
  • Rod Jones - some good information on blues harp.
  • Chris Fosbrook - sells Suzuki and Merano harmonicas.
  • Dave Meadowcroft - plays with the Bull Frog band.
  • Phil Leiwy - plays with Buzzards Gotta Eat.
  • Mox Gowland - a Brit based in France. Runs workshops & is a very active player.
  • Barry Watson - recorded 'Building Dreams' with legendary bandleader Humphrey Lyttelton.
  • Gary M Chromatic Harmonica specialising in blues, boogie, swing and jazz standards. Tuition and guesting on chromatic and/or blues harp.
  • Gary Armstrong from Manchester with his collection of harmonicas.

Please email us if you have not found what you want to know about harmonicas in this web site.

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