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  • H2012, Oct 26-28 2012, Folk House, Bristol. Artists booked so far include Joe Filisko and Eric Noden, Pip Murphy, Bertram Becher, Phillip Henry and Hanna Martin. Concerts, Worshops, Contests, Open Mics, Shops ...

  • The latest Harmonica World magazine is the June/July 2012 issue - see below.

    You can hear and see many links from articles in Harmonica World on our music page.

  • The NHL Chromatic Weekend was held over the weekend of the 9-10 June 2011 in Alderbrook School, Solihull. It was a gret success with 36 people attending the workshops and concerts.

  • Philip Achille performed a new quintet written by the jazz drummer, Tony Kinsey, with the Quartet Pro Musica, on Friday 1 June 2012 at 7.30pm at St. John's, Smith Square, London, SW1P 3HA. The full progamme is Frederik Delius - String Quartet, Tony Kinsey - Quintet for String Quartet and Harmonica, and Elgar - String Quartet in E minor op. 83.

  • Stevie Wonder's great performance of Burt Bacharach and Hal David's "Alfie" at the presentation of the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song to the composers by President Obama.

  • You can join the NHL or pay for your membership renewal by PayPal, cheque or credit card. See the Members Page for details on joining/renewing your NHL membership using cheques or electronic transfers. Paypal is our preferred method of payment as it provides both you and the NHL with automatic and immediate confirmation that the money has been transferred.

  • "Harpin' by the Sea" Winter Festival in Brighton was a great success on Saturday February 4th in the large and friendly Brunswick Pub, 1-3 Holland Road, Hove, East Sussex, BN3 1JF, 01273 733984. Workshops and jams with an evening concert with 'The Blackjacks', Will Greener, 'The Uncontrollables', Paddy Byrne.

  • NHL International Harmonica Festival H2011 - Bristol, UK - Oct 28-30, 2011. It was a great festival. Artists included Rory McLeod, Rick Epping, Philip Achille, PT Gazell, 'Johnny Hewitt and Tommy Allen', Gerry Ezard and Ben Hewlett. - Dave Furguson came down for the Sunday concert and demonstrated some beatbox techniques. There was a full program of workshops, harmonica contests, open mics/jams and concerts.

    You can see videos from all of the artists who performed in the Saturday Evening Festival Concert on youtube

  • Here is a video postcard of the visit a group of NHL members made to a great harmonica festival in St Aignan-Sur-Cher, near Tour, in Central France, in June 2011.

  • Harmonica World - News - We are now posting some of the news items as they come in on our website. They will be collected as normal for the News Section of the next magazine.

  • The NHL now has a Facebook page - . Why not join in.

  • The NHL is a Registered Charity (England & Wales) No 1131484.

  • The worldwide harmonica events are collected on the Diary Page

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National Harmonica League "The NHL is Britain's national harmonica club, with members world wide, supporting and encouraging the playing of all types of music on the chromatic, diatonic, tremolo, octave and chord harmonicas. Paul Jones is our President.

It organises events, tuition, and contests for enthusiasts, beginners, teachers, and experienced harmonica players alike, and publishes a print magazine Harmonica World. Click to see the contents of recent issues.

To enquire about harmonica teachers near you, email, stating location, experience and style of harmonica/music to be learned.

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You can have fun and help us to promote the playing of the harmonica and save money attending our events.

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Latest issue of the NHL magazine, Harmonica World
magazineMain Contents - Click here for more information on this and past issues.
    The April/May 2012 issue:
  • NHL H2012 Festival, Oct 26-28 2012
  • Rob Paparozzi - Randy Singer - Gipsy in his soul
  • Brendan Power - In Praise of the Turbodog
  • Jang Ming - Tommy Reilly Workshop 2
  • Steve Jennings - Back from the dead
  • Pat Missin - Chinese Made Harmonica Illustrations (Book)
  • Steve Shaw - Crisis? What crisis?
  • Social Networking finally networked for me! Noa Bodner
  • Tony Eyers - Chord Harmonicas
  • Brian Holland - Henry Samuels at The Bridge in 2003.
  • Reviews - Repair Toolkits Pt2, Filip Jers, Eddie Armer, Steve Lockwood.
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