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This is a holding page which will be split into separate specialist pages once the site is established and all the design features have been implemented

  • Harmonica Groups / Soloists, joined to NHL, can be listed here, with a contact details.

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  • Blues, Folk, Popular Jams,and Play Alongs. Any musicians who are looking for small groups who get together to play can look here or leave a message for other players who might be interested in joining in with them. Venues where this can happen should also be listed. Please let us know what to include. There are various ways to do it -

    • you can email us and we can their add their suggests or requests to this page, or
    • you can use the NHLNet mailing list to send their request, or announce a venue, to all other members of the list.
    • it may be possible to include requests and information like this in the NHL Harmonica World magazine.

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  • Have you any suggestions for any new ideas for the Club Room. You can enter any suggestions for other features we could include in the Club Room by using our feedback form. A new window will open where you can record your suggestions.

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    Do you think you might like to get involved with the NHL in anyway. If so send an send an email to the Chairman, Roger Trobridge, and he will tell you more about what our small team is doing and how you could you could help us.

    We are looking for volunteers to help with our events, and magazine. There are lots of opportunities for people to help on a one off or regular basis in a general role or as a specialist helping with, say, advertising or the Computer Scheduling at the annual competition.

Please email us if you have not found what you want to know about harmonicas in this web site.

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